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    Handcrafted liqueur typical of southern Italy, produced with natural infusion of lemon peel. Obtained by maceration of lemon peel in alcohol, then diluted with water and sugar syrup. Its taste is pleasant and aromatic on the palate. The recipe has been completely designed by the experts of Libera® It was born at the beginning of the twentieth century on...

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    Artisanal bitter liquor handcrafted from selected herbs Created by mixing a selection of carefully selected plants, fruits and roots, subsequently placed in hydroalcoholic infusion in oak barrels. It is bright, brown in color with golden reflections. Elegant, complex and refined, with fruity and spicy sweet notes of good distinction. Ingredients: Alcohol,...

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    Sweet handmade liquor with green anise It is made thanks to a long distillation in alemics. During the process, a sugar syrup is added to anise. The transparency is visible after filtration process that is made before pouring liquid in bottles. The alcoholic gradation is 40° and it is adapted after eating and with coffee. Ingredients: Water, sugar,...

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    Aged 18 months in wooden durmast barrel in a fresh place. The aging gives it a good taste and flavor. The careful distillation of selected grapes determined its colour and it is perfect after eating Ingredients: Selected grapes 50 cl 43% Vol Service temperature 18° – 20° C

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    Handmade italian brandy, not aged. It is made in copper alembic using grapes from San Colombano al Lambro, the unique place that is admitted the production of wines near Milan. The entirely productive process makes it transparent. The taste is fresh and its flavor is intense Ingredients: Grapes from San Colombano al Lambro 50 cl - 40% vol Service...

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    Artisan liquor with with rosemary and Millefiori honey of Montevecchia Ingredients: Alcohol, millefiori honey (14.25%), sugar, natural flavors 50 cl - Alcol: 27% vol.

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    Of bucolic inspiration, the first brand-new Gin signed by Distilleria Libera®. It is characterized by an intense Mediterranean flavor with notes of zedoaria and elderberry that leave on the palate a citrus and floral flavor. 50 cl. Alc. 43% vol.

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    Bring home the best artisan distillery with our Home Bar pack: 1 Amaro alle erbe artisan liquor 1 Amaro di Montevecchia artisan liquor 1 Grappa Lombarda artisan brandy 1 Sambuca artisan liquor 1 Limoncino artisan liquor 1 Grappa Riserva artisan brandy

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1 - 8 of 8 items