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After 30 years of business experiences in the food branch, Gruppo Ethos is a well established company. Today it is owner of 11 restaurants in Milan and Brianza,it is a business partner of Eataly Repubblica in Rome and of Auchan Holding with an innovative format in Venice, Officine Italia.

Restaurants always driven by ethic and passion” is our company vision.

ETHIC. Enthusiasm, human resource involvement, raw material research and control, high standards of service: we are aware of the social and ethical impact that business activity can have on the territory as catering operators.

PASSION. Innovation is driven by a sincere and deep passion for the world of food and catering, which involves all of our employees and that is transmitted by an invasive process of involvement of human resources.

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    Extra virgin olive oil from Calabria region - 75 cl Its rich and persistent scent is characterized by hints of grass, artichoke and sweet almond. Certified by organic farming.

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    Sicily extra virgin olive oil - 75 cl From the fruity flavor of ripe olive, with hints of green citrus, olive leaves and green tomatoes. Intense aroma. Certified by organic farming.

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    Gift Dinner for two: first course, main course, side dish, water, glass of wine and coffee. You can use it in all our restaurants. For all informations, please, contact us at DOWNLOAD OUR VARIOUS MENUS IN PDF

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    It is a gift card with a QR code with the credit amount recorded. The card can be used in all Ethos Group restaurants, including the bistro bar and the food market at Acqua e Farina. For all informations, please, contact us at

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1 - 4 of 4 items