Giubiana - Barley Wine

Between history, legend and tradition of Brianza, this meditation beer has been conceived and realized according to the recipe of our Master Brewer, Simone Pedroncelli.

A niche beer, with an important alcohol content, skilfully aged in French oak barrels after five years of aging with virgin Marsala and processed by the most expert of the Sicilian barrel masters.

From its birth in our brewery to its end in your glass, Giubiana was followed in its vital process, in total craftsmanship and dexterity, this intense barley wine is a niche Barley Wine to taste with cheeses or desserts, preferably dried, to be able to find the classic tamarind and apricot characters typical of Marsala.

Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops, yeast.

33 cl - glass bottle, gold crown cap, collar with description - alcohol content: 11% vol.

8,90 €

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