Gruppo Ethos Ristoranti Italiani

Who we are

After 30 years of business experiences in the food branch, Gruppo Ethos is a well established company. Today it is owner of 10 restaurants in Milan and Brianza,it is a business partner of Eataly Repubblica in Rome and of Auchan Holding with an innovative format in Venice, Officine Italia.

Restaurants always driven by ethic and passion” is our company vision.

ETHIC. Enthusiasm, human resource involvement, raw material research and control, high standards of service: we are aware of the social and ethical impact that business activity can have on the territory as catering operators.

PASSION. Innovation is driven by a sincere and deep passion for the world of food and catering, which involves all of our employees and that is transmitted by an invasive process of involvement of human resources.

Our restaurants:

Sanmauro - Casatenovo (LC)
Acqua e Farina - Agrate Brianza (MB)
Risoamaro - Mariano Comense (CO)
Grani&Braci - Milano (MI)
Fabbrica Libera - Casatenovo (LC)
Karné - Milano (MI)
Fabbrica Libera - Cornate d'Adda (MB)
Ambrosia - Milano (MI)
Officine Italia - Venezia-Mestre (VE)
Officine Italia - Roma Repubblica

Corporate social responsability

We are aware of our social and enviromental impacts. For this reason:

  • ENVIROMENT: We respect the enviroment and we sign a protocol with Legambiente every year
  • RAW MATERIALS: We offer organic and alternative dishes that follow the nutritional needs of everyone
  • FAMILY FRIENDLY: Our restaurants are family-friendly. In every restaurant there is a kids area with entertainers
  • CHARITY: coltiviamo un progetto charity per il sostegno delle associazioni no profit del territorio
  • OUR PRODUCTS: With our brand Libera we have created a special product line
  • SELF-CONTROL: we follow a rigorous control planning for nutrition security
  • HUMAN RESOURCE: we want to make a training specialized team
  • PUBLISHING: We invest on work, time, energy but also creativity, taste and entusiasm
  • BUSINESS PROJECT: different advantages according to every client's need

Libera Craft

As Nature orders and Tradition teaches

Gruppo Ethos, an important italian company that works in food service, decides to research in food&beverage field products that follow its standards of wellness, craftsmanship and enviroment respect, only to offer something in line with its Vision.

In order to provide for a perfect product, Gruppo Ethos has created it. Libera® project born in this way. It exalts homemade production and well selected ingredients from Nature. It includes Birra Libera® with beers produced in our brewery in Casatenovo (LC); Torrefazione Libera® with coffee fire roasted with rare machines of the second World War; Distilleria Libera® with spirits and liquors made in Brianza; Bolla Libera® with vintage beverage to revalue old tastes.