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  • Birra Libera ®

    Fabbrica Libera was born from an old brewery in Casatenovo. This brewery is the unique in this city.

    Our production is followed in details, from the selection of new ingredients to the creation of new mixes, a production made of passion, attention and perseverance.

    Passion of our brewier for the creation of new tastes, attention of our brewier in selection of italian ingredients, perseverance during the long production process.

  • Bolla Libera ®


    Sapore vintage. Anima controcorrente.

    “Bolla Libera®, to remember the old time or to image future. 5 bottles different in tastes but unite for their stories that you can discover drinking and tasting them”.

    Fruit and extract based, Bolla Libera® is made from organic agricolture and consists of different kind of tastes.

  • Distilleria Libera ®

    The most precious italian raw materials, symbol of Distilleria Libera®.

    Gruppo Ethos brings to tables a local production, from design to creation of new recipes; a little company helps it for material production in order to mix the knowledge of artisans and the immagination of our Gruppo Ethos’ experts.

    The production of Distilleria Liberia® is for small quantities because what is important is simplicity and personality.

  • Frantoio libero

    Oil frantoio libero, extra virgin olive oil carefully selected by our experts and produced exclusively for Libera.

    A superior quality olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical processes.

    Unfiltered. Cold extracted. 100% certified by only Italian organic olives.

  • Gruppo Ethos

    After 30 years of business experiences in the food branch, Gruppo Ethos is a well established company. Today it is owner of 11 restaurants in Milan and Brianza,it is a business partner of Eataly Repubblica in Rome and of Auchan Holding with an innovative format in Venice, Officine Italia.

    Restaurants always driven by ethic and passion” is our company vision.

    ETHIC. Enthusiasm, human resource involvement, raw material research and control, high standards of service: we are aware of the social and ethical impact that business activity can have on the territory as catering operators.

    PASSION. Innovation is driven by a sincere and deep passion for the world of food and catering, which involves all of our employees and that is transmitted by an invasive process of involvement of human resources.

  • Officine Italia

    Officine Italia is a restaurant, is a bistro with roasting, is a handicraft pastry, is baking, is a market of high quality products, Officine Italia is a world.

    Officine Italia is not just an idea, but a reality of creation and passion, carried on after years of dining experience. A new model, attentive to healthy foods and the surrounding environment around it, is a wrapping reality that involves all five senses in a place where scents, aromas and workshops bring back to the craft shops of Italian tradition. The chosen products are organic, natural and fresh; the workmanship is cleverly followed by expert hands that knead, stretch, decorate, mix and bake; the recipes are the result of the search for our master craftsmen of the flavors of the past, to give life to the creativity and the invention of a healthy and modern cuisine.

  • Terra, Sole e Luna

    The Terra, Sole e Luna farm is located within the regional park of Montevecchia e della Valle del Curone, in a protected natural reserve of Lombardy, in the province of Lecco.

    Our 60 bee hives of ligustica species are located within this environmental framework.
    The honey production method is natural, without any heat treatment.
    We produce Millefiori honey with prevalence of cherry and apple, Acacia honey and Chestnut and Bramble honey, in harmony with nature and the seasons.
    We firmly believe that it is necessary to respect the bees and their life on earth because human existence depends on their survival.

  • Torrefazione Libera ®

    Directly from Torrefazione Libera, our coffee is one of the very first in Italy to be both organic and directly fire roasted. The master roaster artisan uses rare machines of the second postwar period: a Vittoria from 1957 (gas toaster) and a Bava from 1954 (wood toaster).

    Thanks to a roasting made in small quantities and weekly delivers, we guarantee the freshness of a “just roasted” coffee.

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