Limoncino artisan liquor

Handcrafted liqueur typical of southern Italy, produced with natural infusion of lemon peel. Obtained by maceration of lemon peel in alcohol, then diluted with water and sugar syrup. Its taste is pleasant and aromatic on the palate. The recipe has been completely designed by the experts of Libera®

It was born at the beginning of the twentieth century on the Amalfi coast, in that strip of land between Amalfi, Capri and Sorrento, where the lemon trees proliferate. It is called home-made liqueur because it is born in the homes of Italians, far from the industrial reality.

Ingredients: alcohol, sugar, water, citrus juice 3.5%, natural infusion of lemon peel, natural flavors. Gluten free.

Recommended serving temperature: 2-4 ° C

12,80 €

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